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58th RELC International Conference
Source:BRLCN  Date:2023-09-30
导读:58th RELC International Conference will be held in Singapore on March 11-13, 2024.

58th RELC International Conference

Re-humanizing, Re-conceptualizing and Re-imagining Language Teaching and Learning for Education 5.0

March 11, 2024-March 13,2024
SEAMEO RELC, Singapore

We live in an era of artificial intelligence and digital revolution, marked by Industry 5.0 which places the well-being of the workforce at the centre while using new technologies and tapping creativity and innovation to build a sustainable, human-centric world. With new technologies and innovative learning systems adopted for Education 5.0, our approaches to learning, teaching and assessment need to be re-humanized, re-conceptualized, and re-imagined to cater to the diverse needs and talents of language learners and teaching professionals. Creativity is key to this endeavor, and innovations come to the fore as language professionals strive to educate learners on the responsible use of technology, while enhancing learners’ communicative competency in acquiring future-ready skills for Industry 5.0.

This conference aims to bring into focus creativity and innovations in the language classroom alongside new perspectives and current research in language learning, teaching and assessment for Education 5.0 in the post-pandemic era.
The 58th RELC International Conference has the following aims:
• To develop a re-humanizing perspective on how new technologies and learning systems have influenced language learning, teaching and assessment for Education 5.0
• To provide academics, researchers, classroom practitioners and education leaders with a forum for sharing current research and practice in language education
• To share creative pedagogies and innovations in language teaching and assessment
• To discuss implications of Education 5.0 for language teacher professional development
• Re-humanizing language teaching and learning in the age of machines
• Current trends in language teaching and learning for Education 5.0
• Language learning for specific and professional purposes
• Best practices in embracing creativity in curriculum design, materials development and language teaching
• Innovations and new pathways in language education
• Quality language assessment and sustainable learning outcomes
• Innovative approaches to language research
• Implications of Education 5.0 for language teacher professional development

Please visit https://www.relc.org.sg/facilities/conferences-events-2024 for more information.