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Africa ELTA 8th International Conference
Source:BRLCN  Date:2023-09-30
导读:Africa ELTA 8th International Conference in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, 30 May-1 June, 2024

Africa ELTA 8th International Conference in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt

30 May  - 1 June  2024

Call for Proposals
Africa ELTA Conference is held in one African country every year. We held our conferences in the past in Sudan, Rwanda, Senegal, Nigeria, and Angola. We are glad that the 2024 Conference will be held in Egypt and we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting proposals from ELT professionals around the world to present at the Africa ELTA 8th International Annual Conference ( 30 May - 1 June 2024 ) in Cairo, Egypt. This conference is organized in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire and hosted by the Global Academic Foundation (GAF) in Egypt. The conference is held under the theme of Transforming Minds, Transforming Lives in ELT.
The Pre-conference Event (PCE) on May 30th, 2024, is organized to highlight Africa ELTA vision in supporting classroom teachers to create their context-appropriate materials with a training focus on ELT materials development in the African context. We encourage submissions that highlight the success stories and/or challenges of developing original teacher-developed materials in the African ELT context. 
The Main Conference (on May 31st and June 1st, 2024) has a wider range of topics. We encourage submissions that highlight any of the following topics:
-          Professional learning networks for teachers in Africa
-          Student-centered practices in the African ELT classroom
-          Curriculum development 
-           AI and language learning and teaching 
-          Teaching large and low-resource classes
-          Intercultural education in the English classroom
-          Language assessment  
-          Technology integration in the African language classroom
-          Gender and inclusion issues in education
-          Justice in education policy  
-          Teaching English in multilingual settings 
-          Perspectives on World Englishes
-          Successful L2 pedagogies
-          Cutting edge second language research

Session types are:
Presentation (30 minutes)
This session type focuses on presenting a research paper, a theoretical framework for activities, or a short debrief on a class activity or practice. It is 25 minutes for presenting and 5 minutes for Q &A.
Workshop (45 minutes)
While grounded in theory and research, workshops should provide the participants with the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that will enhance their classroom practice. 
Research-oriented session (30 minutes)
This is a session to present a research study related to teaching and learning and share study implications with attendees. 
Technology Lab (30 minutes)
This session is held in a technology lab with computers for the participants to try a new website or application with the presenter. 
Panel Discussion (90 minutes)
We encourage a group of teachers and/or scholars (3-5 presenters) to propose and discuss a topic of relevance to the conference theme by examining its various dimensions including theoretical and practical implications.
Storytelling Session (15 minutes)
We are interested in storytellers who can share their stories (10 minutes) and discuss the practical implications of such stories in the African ELT classroom (5 minutes).
 General Guidelines for Conference Presenters
Please read what information is required before beginning the submission process.  All submissions are received through the online submission form on this link. No email submissions will be considered. All accepted presenters will be expected to self-fund their trip to Egypt. 
A proposal must have a title, an abstract, and a session description
The title of your presentation (10 words maximum).
A session description that reflects the content, the theoretical background as well as the practical implications appropriate for the African English language teaching context (250 words maximum).
An abstract that summarizes the content of your session to be included in the program book for conference attendees to learn about your session (50 words maximum).
A bio that demonstrates your professional and/or scholarly expertise in the topic of your presentation, your previous conference presentations as well as any other relevant experience in and/or outside of Africa (30 words maximum).  
Citations, if any, must be included using APA

Please visit https://www.africaelta.org/2024-conference-call-for-proposals for more information.